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My Approach

Where there is suffering whether it be physical,emotional,mental, or spiritual there is a holding on to negative thoughts,feelings and programs.Negative thoughts and experiences not discharged are adopted as part of identity and we become the person who suffers from that condition. And end up defending that identity.

The simplest relief is to tell the truth about what we are so attached to or have such an aversion to and just let go which we've often forgotten how to do except when it happens automatically. The Releasing Technique demonstrates this simply and powerfully without adding any extra programs.

Science is now beginning to accept that all beings in an unstressed state have an innate self-healing ability that is virtually limitless and that disease always has a mental component where one level of consciousness is trying to get the attention of another level to resolve an issue.

I primarily facilitate a process of self inquiry to identify the blocks and also find it useful to employ the principles of Neurolink, Quantum Techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique,and the work of Byron Katie with inspiration from the Course in Miracles and the 12 Step program.

I am also a Certified EFT Practitioner with a Diploma in Homoeopathy and training in NLP and German New Medicine with over 30 years experience in the field of counselling and healing.

The majority of my practice is done over the phone using surrogate muscle testing to identify the core issues involved,the blocks to resolving them,and the available doors we can go through for a healing process to begin.When the clouds are removed the sun is found to be always shining.

If you want to heal more than you want to make your world real than I'd love to work with you.

A Guarantee

First time sessions come with the guarantee that if you do not experience signifigant improvement within 24 hours. I will refund your monies on request.

Sessions cost $120 [Australian] per hour and a typical session is about an hour long. Payment can be made with Visa, Mastercard, eftpos, paypal or cash.

If you find yourself financially challenged by this and still want to work with me let me know and we may be able to come to an arrangement.


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