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My calling is assisting people to identify the blocks and limitations that prevent them from reaching their full potential to live a life that is peaceful and joyous. What if you could be grateful for your life instead of suffering through it.

A key discovery is that "The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body's energy system." with an uninvestigated thought/belief behind it which has not been tested for truth.

Who would you be if you could live from present time without having to drag the whole sad story of your past with all its unfinished business behind you

Chances are you came here because the pain of living with that whole sad history is greater than the pleasure you derive from it. With gratitude for your presence here.

Enslavement by illusion is comfortable;
it is the liberation by Truth that people fear.

Straight and narrow is the path...
Waste no time.
Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

- David R Hawkins

Bruce Lipton Ph.D shows in "The Biology of Belief" that the body is either coding for danger or healing. Until the traumas, fears, and negative emotions are identified healing will not be permanent.

There is treating the symptom, curing the condition, and healing the person. All three may be needed. The treatment is tailored to the need. The healed person ultimatedly takes care of it all. As you didn't get into the state you're in overnight, and as consciousness is a layered affair we start with what's on top and accessible and work our way down.

Without kindness love and empathy for the human condition that we're all part of life can appear overwhelming at times. Let that kindness love and empathy begin towards ourselves. A sense of humour helps a lot too.

Due to the unfiltered impressions we received from life and our early caregivers, and the lack of experience we had in coping with those inputs, we often come up with interesting and bizarre solutions and choices to cope with the pain and hurt that we perceived and experienced. These choices and the desire to reinforce and be right about them can become fixed solutions that have never been updated or maturely re-examined for truth and appropriateness.


EFT is a method of tapping on the acupuncture meridian points after identifying and tuning into the core of the disruption. I am using the original version of it here as laid out by Gary Craig with extraordinary results. More information and complete training can be found at www.eftuniverse.com

This simple technique when correctly applied will erase traumatic memories and restore self esteem through finding the source of and collapsing the fears,phobias,and obsessions that cause so much suffering along with the consequent physical dis-ease.

It is also a very elegant way to relieve stress that requires no special training, no tools, no drugs…in fact; the power is at your fingertips.

Combined with inquiry into the source of the lack of self love and forgiveness that underlies all dysfunction,dramatic relief is the usual result.An unquestioned mind is the only suffering.

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